Please make sure your computer or handheld device meets these minimum requirements.

Windows and macOS

  • Supported operating systems:

          Windows: Windows 7 or later

          Mac: macOS X with macOS 10.9 or later.


  • Supported browsers: 

          Windows: Internet Explorer 11+, Edge 12+, Firefox 27+, Chrome 30+

          macOS: Safari 7+, Firefox 27+, Chrome 30+


  • Processor and RAM requirements:


          Minimum: Single-core 1Ghz or higher

          Recommended: Dual-core 2Ghz or higher (Intel i3/i5/i7 or AMD equivalent)


          Recommended: 4GB and higher


iOS, iPadOS and Android

  • Supported operating systems

          iOS: iOS 8.0 or later

          iPadOS: iPadOS 13 or later

          Android: Android 5.0x or later


  • Supported browsers:

          iOS/iPadOS: Safari5+ and later, Chrome latest version

          Android: Chrome latest version


  • Processor requirement:

          Any 1 Ghz single core processor or better


Internet Connectivity

 Minimum internet connection speed of 1.0 Mbps.



  • Speakers and a microphone: Built-in, USB plug-in, or wireless Bluetooth device
  • A webcam or HD webcam: Built-in or USB plug-in.